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It appears that for two days or more my work e-mail has been malfunctioning, as did the web page for a possibly longer period. I have a friend who is trying to fix the e-mail, but in the meantime please use my own personal e-mail :


OR use the contact form below which seems still to be working.

To find out more about booking your own visitor from the past or to discuss your individual needs, please either send an e-mail to paul@visitors-from-the-past.co.uk, or use the following form to send a quick message. I’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.

Your Name

Your Email (required)

Your school (including your village, town or city), contact number and any other questions, as well as which character you are enquiring about.

Answer a quick question to prove you are a real person!
What is smaller, 6 or 2? 

A day costs £330, with no added travel expenses for Yorkshire schools.

Contact Details

You can also reach me by email (you might have to cut and paste this address into your e-mail):


Or by telephone on 01977 625142. If you don’t get me, the answer phone or Ruth will both happily take a message.

I (now) have a Facebook page for Visitors from the Past too. Please go to:

I look forward to arranging your school’s special visitor from the past!

Paul Mackintosh MA(Hons), PGCE