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A Highwayman’s Home is His Castle?

Luckily for John ‘Swift Nicks’ Nevison, the steward at Skipton castle owes him a considerable sum in gold from their time at the gaming table. Luckily for the steward, Nevison was willing to forgive him that debt in return for being allowed to hide in the castle for the weekend while the hue and cry was raised in the town and the parish constables and watchmen were after him! (Luckiest of all, the countess was at one of her other castle homes, for I doubt she would have been so willing to have a ‘gentleman of the road’ lodging at her home!)

Not that Nevison lacked for company. Here he addresses a crowd (the picture maker was among the main press of persons) with tales of his exploits …

And here he he recalls one of his more difficult escapades!

For a man supposedly laying low, he never shut up for most of the day, spinning tales to all and sundry …

He’ll back at Skipton Castle at the end of August, while another John, Colonel Sir John Mallory – the governor who is the very image of Nevison – will be there at the end of July.

If you would like Nevison to visit your school, immersing the children in the world of historical highway robbers and giving them all a very motivational ‘reason to write’, then be in touch. Or you might be interested in one of my other characters, such as Sir William Petty (Great Fire of London or the Great Plague of 1665), Guy Fawkes, Captain Burwash the pirate or one of Drake’s sailors? If so, please have a look at what I can offer on my page of Characters.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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