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1666 and All That


My characters have had a very busy Spring and early Summer term. This week is the first time bookings have eased off, allowing me – among other things – to put together this post.

As always, two of my characters have dominated, being my Great Fire of London character Sir William Petty, and the pirate Captain Burwash, although recently my highwayman John Nevison has made a lot of appearances too! Over the years I seem to have done more news stories about my pirate, so this time it will be Sir William’s turn.

Sir William Petty has two guises, one (very popular) in which he tells the story of the Great Fire and the other (very rare as it is still in-development) in which he travels forwards in time to the present day.

One February trip took Sir William to Wombwell’s Park Street school. The teacher Sarah Allen wrote afterwards that the children “thoroughly enjoyed” the day, and that it gave them lots to talk about. The children also sent a very big bundle of thank you letters, and so I have made collages of their dramatic pictures of the fire and of some of their written comments.

Here you can see London burning – each street is from a different child’s picture!



And here are some of their comments about the day …


A little boy called Thomas came to see Sir William at Skipton Castle this Easter and saw a big picture of the man himself outside. He was very surprised to see that Sir William looked extraordinarily like his father.


Please click on the Great Fire of London to find out more about Sir William Petty, and on Captain Burwash to find out more about my pirate character. To see which of my other characters you might want to visit, please take a look at my page of Characters. If you want any of my characters to visit your school, please do get in touch.


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