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Busy Burwash

Captain Burwash the pirate has been raiding school after school across the county recently, as well as a good number of more distant schools too. (He’s a well traveled man!)

Here you can see him earlier this month during an introductory assembly in a Wakefield school, waxing lyrical about a pirate’s life and adventures. I presume here he was looking up not because he was faced by the tallest child in England (I would have remembered that), but rather he must have been picturing some event from his past, or maybe from another pirate’s past. He does have a habit of stealing not just gold and silver but other pirates’ stories!

Burwash has changed somewhat over the past few years. Below you can see him in his earlier days. Since then he has got a new waistcoat, tricorne, cutlass, musket, pistol, boarding axe, cartouche, and much more besides.

Still, he looks like he was having fun back then too!

If you want to know more about Captain Burwash, click here.

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