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Hear ye! Hear Ye! The New Website is up!

  • Sumo

Important News!

Thanks to the help of my good friend Jamie my VISITORS FROM THE PAST website has been rejigged and re-skinned and various other technological terms that are probably more correct. This new one allows news posts (this is one right here) and a better enquiry form as well and umpteen other clever features, plus everything I had before.

Bookings are coming in already for next year, even some for Summer term! Meanwhile, with the summer holidays fast approaching this term’s bookings are growing lighter which means I had the time to work on this. Hopefully in the summer holidays, what with re-enactments and Skipton castle, as well as a chance to review the year, I will have some new news stories to impart. In the meantime, it’s back to the (forever) studies for what might become my next new character – a scientific revolution ‘natural philosopher’.

(The picture shows the pirate Captain Burwash in his buccaneer form. If you want to know more about him, click here.)

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