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Hiding the Highwayman

This August John Nevison had to find somewhere to hide himself away. Will the hue and cry never leave him in peace? Skipton Castle once again provided safe concealment, as well as plenty of company. (Luckily, the castle warden, a typpling house friend of the highwayman, was willing to risk hiding Nevison in return for remission of all his card-game debts.)

The day began with Nevison lurking in shadowy doorways …


Before long people began arriving and he found himself in good company. The weekend passed by quickly as he explained his predicament, told umpteen stories, boasted of his cunning tricks, and answered a plethora of questions asked by everyone from little manikins and maids to the somewhat more venerable visitors.


He spent a good amount of time trying to convince people that he was just like Robin Hood: a right good fellow, who only ever robbed from ‘them who could afford it’. As he waxed lyrical to whole crowds of gathered folk, dismissing the lies printed about him and telling them of his many good deeds, some amongst the audience began to wonder if he was telling the truth. Or was he really a devil in disguise?


If you want to know more about Nevison the highwayman, perhaps being interested in him visiting your school, then please click on – Swift Nicks Nevison. To see which of my other characters you might want to visit, please take a look at my page of Characters. I look forward to hearing from you.

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