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Malleable Mallory Makes Many Faces

Skipton again! What I mean is another post about my Skipton Easter weekend, not that I have been again. I am going again, three more times in three different guises this summer, but this is still about the last visit.

These images are from the ‘unofficial’ pictures of the weekend, taken by Ruth. There weren’t that many (managing two little boys somewhat distracted her), and they were all taken during one conversation with one family. When I saw them I was surprised to see just how many different expressions I unconsciously employ when telling historical stories.


If this is all from a few moments, I dread to think what umpteen other, stranger expressions I employ during an entire day of conversation. (Also, I wonder, does anyone really like seeing pictures of themselves?)

My two little boys obviously found my storiesĀ amusing.


This last weekend, I was demoted from Governor of Skipton Castle, to a mere soldier of the garrison at Sandal Castle. Quite a transformation, certainly in terms of the amount of silk, black-work, braid and lacy bits!


Although I play my Civil War characters less than my others, I do very much enjoy them, and at the moment am learning all about the battle of Naseby for a future booking. Imagine having to read history books. Bliss!

Click on the following link to find out more about theĀ Civil War Castle Governor.

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