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Sanctuary at Oakwell Hall

As so often in recent years, the infamous highwaymen John Nevison found himself in need of a place to hide a week last Sunday. Being close unto Batley, and once again parted from his wonderful horse Nutmeg, he was forced to make his way on foot to Oakwell Hall, the steward there being a drinking friend of his. Indeed they had shared several many rambuctious evenings supping at an alehouse east of Bradford while the steward was abroad upon his master’s business. Having promised he would say nowt to anyone concerning their friendship – public knowledge of which would ruin the steward’s good reputation, if not see him tried and punished for aiding and abetting a known felon – the steward graciously permitted Nevison to stay there for the day.

Nevison breathed a sigh of relief as he leaned on the gatepost and pondered his next move.


Of course, he did not want to lose his horse Nutmeg, for he reckoned her to be the best mount north of the river Trent. Thus it was he decided he would simply wait until darkness then sneak back to where she was stabled and make his get away. What he couldn’t know was that so many people would be visiting Oakwell Hall that day, and being a gregarious sort of fellow, he could not help himself but begin telling all and sundry of his adventures and escapes. Here you can see him in the heat of the afternoon sun, waxing lyrical of his cunning escape from Leicester goal to a crowd of visitors.


Having retrieved Nutmeg as he planned, he subsequently went about his usual activities, until more trouble today as the hue and cry was raised to have him arrested, once again close to Batley. So it is that tomorrow he will seek refuge again at Oakwell Hall.

The event is organised by the Milestone Society http://www.yorkshire-milestones.co.uk/ as part of their ‘Beyond Graffiti’ project http://www.beyond-graffiti.co.uk/ and takes place on Saturday 26th July 2014 at Oakwell Hall http://www.kirklees.gov.uk/events/eventdetails.asp?evID=20657&evDtID=130115

Please click here to find out more about Swift Nicks Nevison visiting your school.

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